Strongly connected to the music scene for almost ten years through several projects curated by the creative team, Comb opens a new division.
Comb Music is the management division of Comb Studio offering label services to artists.
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Mistaman’s lyrics are the most technical Italian rap can offer: an unmistakable writing that over the years has been refined in the service of texts increasingly focused on reality, far from the stereotypes of the rapper but with solid roots in hip hop culture.


Far from the core, everything becomes small, bland and insignificant. But if only you tried to give it a voice, you would discover a unique and unexplored world.

Bye Bye Cachi were born in the province with the intention of giving us their vision of it, but also and above all, with the desire to describe the lives of those who live there. Because after all, the province is nothing more than a labyrinth of state roads that doesn’t make sense until someone gives it to it.  Bye Bye Cachi in a nutshell is the story of two provincial boys who come from a place that does not belong to them, but to which they will belong forever.

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