Strongly connected to the music scene for almost ten years through several projects curated by the creative team, Comb opens a new division.
Comb Music is the events production and management division of Comb Studio offering label services to artists.
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Mistaman’s lyrics are the most technical Italian rap can offer: an unmistakable writing that over the years has been refined in the service of texts increasingly focused on reality, far from the stereotypes of the rapper but with solid roots in hip hop culture.


Far from the core, everything becomes small, bland and insignificant. But if only you tried to give it a voice, you would discover a unique and unexplored world.
Bye Bye Cachi in a nutshell is the story of two provincial boys who come from a place that does not belong to them, but to which they will belong forever.


Producer, DJ, musical connoisseur: his sound is soulful and welcoming, with a refined jazz touch. And the groove is solid, energetic, while winking at the rhythmic cells of world music. Apulian to the last curl but with his soul transferred to Milan, for You Nico music is a performative language, a useful means of changing things, especially in the scarcity of opportunities in his province of origin.


Sabotage was born in 2009 with a strong research in the music culture. The club night, based in Milan, has marked a new path in the hip-hop, r & b and soulful rap scene, featuring the best artists of the Italian and world scene and quickly becoming a reference point for black music lovers. In 2022 a new project was born: SOTTERRANEA. A new club session with the best news from the underground of the Italian and international groove music circuit – from soul to funk, from hip hop to electronics – to blend past and future in a single listen.
Artisti roster: You Nico, Lvca, Tsura, Erika Gueli, Lovin Duo

SOME ARTISTS WE WORKED WITH:  A-Trak – Aaron Dunkies – Astronomar – Bassi Maestro – Big Fish – Big Joe – Broke One – Bugsy – Camelia – Canblaster – Capo Plaza – Clap Clap – Club DogoComa CoseDargen D’Amico – Daykoda – E-Green – Elado – El Raton – Elisa Bee – Ensi – Ernia – Fabri Fibra – Fratelli Quintale – George Fitzgerald – GhaliGirl UnitIziMajor LazerJohnny MarsigliaKaosKetama 126L-vis 1990LazzaLil Silva – Lord Bean – Luchè – Lvnar – MadmanMarracashMassimo PericoloMistaman – Nayt – Noyz Narcos – Paramida – Retromigration – RL GrimeRkomi – Ruby Savage – Salmo – Shocca – Sick Luke – Slait – Sliink – Spiller – Sudanim – Tay1 – TeduaTeki Latex – The Partysquad – Toddla T – U.Nico – Uniiqu3 – Ze In The Clouds.

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